Resurrect the Alleluia

In the Catholic liturgical tradition as well as in some other Protestant traditions, once the season of Lent begins, the church "buries" the Alleluia. That is, in all church liturgies each Sunday during Lent, the word (and sentiment) "Alleluia" is absent from songs, readings, etc. This is one way that reflects this season of Lenten fasting - a … Continue reading Resurrect the Alleluia


The Talents

For the large majority of my life, I read the parables of Jesus with a fairly specific filter. That is, I assumed phrases like "the kingdom of God," "kingdom of heaven, "outer darkness, and "eternal life" all referred to some sort of life after death, or more specifically life after death in a other-worldly location … Continue reading The Talents

Never Give Up On The Question of God

As of the beginning of October, I joined the staff team of Church Innovations Institute as the Director of Operations and Spiritual Formation. We are a non-profit who partners with churches around the world, innovating their capacity to be renewed in God’s mission. We invite partners into a spiritual journey that asks one simple question: … Continue reading Never Give Up On The Question of God