Experiment: A Community of Reconciliation

During the past few weeks [in my church community] we have talked about how God has a mission. As the people of God, we are those sent, just as Jesus was sent out from the life of the Trinity, and just as the Spirit is sent out effecting the work of God in the world. James Brownson says this: “We believe that the church exists to participate in God’s redemptive work in the world…The gospel is not just a message to be proclaimed; it is the form of our participation in what God is doing in God’s redemptive work.”

So, as we practice our way around what it means to participate in the mission of God, we discern where the work of God is taking place all around us.

Where do we see hospitality? Where do we see truth? Where do we see beauty? Where do we see justice? Where do we see peace? Where do we see compassion? Where do we see love? Where do we see goodness? Where do we see grace? Where do we see forgiveness? Where do we find the marginalized? Where do we find the oppressed? Where do we find the poor? Where do we find the prisoners?

There, in those spaces, we find the reconciling work of God, and there we begin to find our voice – there we begin to find mission. And then our work begins as we discern how God is calling us to participate in God’s reconciling mission. It might be risky. It might be uncomfortable. It might be different. And it might just look like the kingdom of God among us.


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